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List Description
Aim-grads Aim-grads mailing list
amia-nlp-wg-academy-industry-committee AMIA NLP WG Academy-Industry Mailing list
Avadis-NGS-Users Avadis-NGS-Users
BIFG Biomolecular Informatics Focus Group List
Bioreactor-dev Bioreactor Developers
Bmi-admin-staff BMI admin staff
Bmi-application-development list for BMI application development
Bmi-backup-reports BMI backup report
Bmi-btm [no description available]
Bmi-calm BMI CALM committee email list
Bmi-clarity-changes BMI Mailing List for IS Changes to CLARITY Schema
Bmi-clarity-is BMI Clarity Refresh Status to IS Folks
Bmi-clarity-refresh BMI Clarity Refresh Status for BMI Folks
Bmi-clininf [no description available]
Bmi-cluster-users List of BMI cluster users
Bmi-contractors Bmi-contractors
BMI-DataSvcs-AppDev Mailing list for BMI DataServices Application Development Group
BMI-DataSvcs-AppDev-Notify Mailing list for BMI DataServices Application Development Notifications
Bmi-developer [no description available]
Bmi-division All members of BMI
Bmi-faculty BMI faculty
Bmi-gc-students BMI Graduate Certificate Students
BMI-i2b2-App BMI DataServices Java Application Developers
Bmi-i2b2-db BMI I2B2 DB Developers
Bmi-info Bmi info email list for jill.Williams
Bmi-infrastructure [no description available]
Bmi-ingenuity-users Ingenuity User Group
Bmi-it-alerts [no description available]
Bmi-it-dba BMI DB Infrastructure Group
Bmi-it-info [no description available]
Bmi-it-staff Only sends mail to bmi-techservices
Bmi-itransition [no description available]
Bmi-linux Linux Administrators
Bmi-linux-users BMI Linux users
Bmi-managers BMI Manger email list
Bmi-package package email list for BMI packages in DC
Bmi-pdin-refresh BMI Mailing List for PDIN Refresh - Legacy Application Database
Bmi-phd-students BMI PhD Students
Bmi-primary-faculty BMI primary faculty
Bmi-production-systems BMI production systems notification list
Bmi-rds-admin RDS Admins to receive weekly reports
Bmi-research-staff BMI research staff
Bmi-secondary-faculty BMI secondary faculty
Bmi-seminar Biomedical Informatics Seminar List
Bmi-software-staff Only sends mail to bmi-techservices
Bmi-staff BMI staff email list
Bmi-storage List for BMI storage group
Bmi-storage-team-pagers Bmi-storage-team-pagers
Bmi-strand-srv Strand NGS Server User Group
Bmi-students BMI student email list
Bmi-svn-users Bmi-svn-users
Bmi-teamleads BMI Tech Services Team Leads
Bmi-techservices BMI Tech Services
Bmi-uc BMI UC people
BMI-wgs-project [no description available]
Bmi_db_developer_1 [no description available]
Bmi_db_developer_2 [no description available]
Bmi_db_developer_3 [no description available]
Bmi_db_developer_4 [no description available]
Bmiawswininfrat [no description available]
Bmigradfaculty [no description available]
Bmt-nursing-symposium BMT Nursing Symposium
Businessoffice BMI DBE AC Business office
CAGE-TF-researchers CAGE Transcription Factor research collaborators
CCHIPS CCHIPS Users Mailing List
Cchmc-applications CCHMC applications
Cctst-redcap-users [no description available]
Ceb-journalclub Ceb-journalclub
CEC-CTSA Email list for Community Engagement Core of the CTSA.
CHMC-Internationals Contact email for HR Immigration Services.
Chrf-app-specialists Discussion list for Applications Specialists at CHRF
Chrf-mac-users Macintosh users in CHRF
Citrix-users Citrix users
Cores-users CORES: shared facility management software
Crp_members [no description available]
Data-management-initiative-resource-group Data management initiative resource group
Data_mgmt_initiative Data management initiative
Dbe-admin-staff DBE division mail list
Dbe-division DBE division mail list
Dbe-dmc-staff DBE division mail list
Dbe-faculty DBE division mail list
Dbe-managers DBE division mail list
Dbe-primary-faculty DBE division mail list
Dbe-research-staff DBE division mail list
Dbe-secondary-faculty DBE division mail list
Dbe-staff DBE division mail list
Dbe-students DBE division mail list
Dbe_research DBE division mail list
DMPC_members Data Management Professionals Community (DMPC)
Dnastar-users Mailing list for DNA Star Lasergene Users
Dr-test Test disaster recovery list
Eln-users Electronic Lab Notebook users
Evidence_implementation Evidence Implementation Community of Practice
Fetalcaresocialwork [no description available]
Filemaker-users Filemaker users
Flowchampions [no description available]
Genespring-NGS-Users Genespring NGS Users
GeneSpring-Users GeneSpring Users
Genomics CCHMC Genomics
Gepn Genetics Education Program for Nurses
Grad-program-committee [no description available]
I2b2-dev [no description available]
IBC_Committee [no description available]
Identity-users [no description available]
Imagequant-users [no description available]
Imagestream-users [no description available]
It-updates [no description available]
Jason-test [no description available]
Jr-faculty-club CCHMC Jr. Faculty Club
Listserv-cew-iroc [no description available]
Listserv-IROC [no description available]
LONI-Users A list for info about the LONI Pipeline servers
Lumedx-users [no description available]
Macvector-users Macvector users
Mailman [no description available]
Matlab-users Mailing list for Matlab-related issues at CCHMC/UC COM
Mhp-walks MyHealthPath Zoo Walk mailing list hosted by Scott Tabar
Mlims-admins [no description available]
Mlims-users Mouse colony laboratory information management software system
Ngs-server-users [no description available]
nx-users NoMachine users
OH-STORM Sickle treatment outcome network
Oim-approvers [no description available]
Outage-notifications [no description available]
PcornetLHS [no description available]
Peds-palliative-qi [no description available]
Pscfusers [no description available]
Pttclistserver Trauma Services
Qi-grads Qi-grads mailing list
ResearchFlowCore Research Flow Cytometry Core to their clients.
Rt-admins [no description available]
Sas-programmers Sas-programmers
Sas-server-users SAS Server Users
Sas-users SAS users
Scales Scales
SchubertResearchClinic SRC
Second_test_migration test list
Seqweb-cchmc-users CCHMC Seqweb users
Seqweb-uc-users UC Seqweb users
Seqweb-users Seqweb users
Sh800-users [no description available]
Splunk-users [no description available]
STORM Sickle treatment outcome network
Swlpt [no description available]
Test This is a test list for BMI administration purposes.
Test2 [no description available]
Test3 [no description available]
Test4 [no description available]
TFTools User/admin notifications for Weirauch Lab TF Tools
Tgcore-users [no description available]
Viva-users General VIVA mailing list
WeirauchLab CAGE Weirauch Research Lab discussion list

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